lundi 3 mai 2010

Love is in the air...

I have decided to write some articles in English because I realized I have some American readers who visit my blog and who don’t understand a word I say. So out of courtesy for them, I will write in English from time to time (because everyone knows Americans only speak English). This will also be a good English lesson for all my French readers, for free (because everyone knows French people speak English, but very poorly).

So here we go…

My heart was about to stop the other day when I was crossing Madison Avenue. Unfortunately, I am happily married with Monsieur Parisien, because I will not be a lucky bride-to-be in the upcoming J. Crew Weddings store! Yes, you read this correctly: J. Crew is opening this Spring a store on Madison Avenue (@ 66th street) solely dedicated to its bridal gowns. Until now, these were only available through catalog and the website. About time, right? Who buys a bridal gown from a catalogue? The gowns are cute, elegant, from the most classic, simple A-line shapes to somewhat more original, yet very affordable (from $350 to $3,000, talk about competitive!). I bet they will also showcase all their bridesmaids’ dresses in this store and make it an “all-about-your-wedding” destination in the Upper East Side. The store opens on May 27th.

Here are some of my favorite styles this season. I wish I could try them on in person, because I think the pictures don’t do them justice. I’ll have to try on my own wedding dress instead tonight and hope it still fits

Vera Wang, get ready! The competition just started.

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  1. Wow! Seems exciting, can't wait to see it. I bet it will be as nice as the Collection store on Madison as well


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