mardi 11 mai 2010

Find your inner cowgirl

As American women strive to find their inner French girl (this is real, I have this book in my book case thanks to my friend Severine), my girlfriends and I wanted to find our inner American girl... And who encompasses the American gal better than the cowgirl? So we pulled on our boots and jeans, tied on our cow-girl hat, and wrangled up our most western shirt and headed down to the Lower East Side for a night in the Old West.

There is was--the mechanical bull, front and center. Giddy up! It seemed pretty harmless from a distance, but I can tell you from my experience: it ain’t easy. I will need to try it again, though, as I didn't get enough time on the bull to master the technique. The video isn't even worth sharing with you--a little too short to be inspirational for my readers. Parisienne is no cowgirl!
The world record is held by an Australian guy who somehow managed to stay for 2 minutes and 4.49 seconds on the bull. Ride em', cowboy!

For those of you visiting New York and in desperate need of some western experience, head down to Mason Dixon in the LES or to Johnny Utah’s in Midtown. And, if you want to rent your own mechanical bull and have plenty of time to master the technique, the Mechanical Bull Association is a good website for you. And for those of you who have motion sickness, you can always ride the non-mechanical “Charging Bull” in the Financial District near Wall Street.


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  1. Another tips American or Swedish women tend to use to get "more French" is I've read it and it's quite good, fun, wise and good receipes.

  2. I read it too, I didn't think it was so great though ;)


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